Mountain Sky Ranch

Mountain Sky Ranch

Mountain Sky Ranch (60-acres), located in Northern Colorado, is home for Deb and Wayne Dorband who have taken an overgrazed cattle pasture and are steadily turning it into a breathtaking mountain and valley paradise.

Mountain Sky Ranch is home to one of the Rocky Mountain Regions premier alpaca herds and regenerative aquaculture systems.  We are not the biggest, but we believe we are among the best. Please visit our website at to find out about our show-genetic program. We think if you knew about the ecolonomic attributes of alpacas, you would want to own some yourself.


Here is just a sampling of what we have done:

  • Restored much native prairie, on which in the spring and summer we have counted over 70 species of wildflowers
  • Added almost twenty ponds that are stocked with trophy trout, perch and bass
  • Improved our one mile access road to a very comfortable two lane all-season road
  • Added numerous landscaping features
  • Built a full scale “pasture golf course”
  • Reclaimed a historic sandstone quarry as an amphitheater for equipment storage
  • Constructed a “green” Mountain Chalet Lodge and Event Center
  • Operate a research and proof of concept sustainable agriculture farm with over 10 profit centers (chickens, veggies, microgreens, alpacas, aquaculture, dog training, events, stone farming, etc.)
  • Cobbled together with far less capital than most of our competitors one of the most elite alpaca breeding herds in North America
  • Nurtured, mentored, and greatly valued over 100 interns with over 70 on our “Wall of Fame” who are becoming leaders in ecolonomic and sustainable ventures
  • Developed miles of trails and paths through the valley and timbered areas, and
  • Put in much sweat and passion into the dream that is Mountain Sky Ranch.

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October 21, 2015

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